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The rise of Crypto creates an infinite array of opportunities up for grabs by the most daring entrepreneurs


Imagine a nascent Far West town during the gold rush. There is demand for a saloon, a barber, an hospital, a bank, a grocery store, a tailor... There is a need for roads, telegraph cables, water pipes, stagecoaches… Everything.
The clients are already waiting for the products to be built, waiting to pay handsomely with the gold they just extracted from the mountain. Even basic versions are considerably better than nothing as a starting point in absence of competition. Even the Sheriff understands that.

But there are not enough entrepreneurs to build these products. Few people had the courage to make the trip ("Too late!" "Not a proper career!" "Too expensive!"), and many of the early joiners in the space are either freedom lovers who don’t want to embark into entrepreneurship, or rich already, or both.

It’s way easier to succeed in a young world where ideas are abundant, rules are simple and good entrepreneurs scarce than in an established world with heavy competition and scarce opportunities.

This is exactly what’s happening currently in Crypto. And the 1,5 trillion $ of value created in a few years by the industry makes the physical gold rush look like a lemonade stand in comparison.

Le Crypto Fellowship


Le Crypto Fellowship is an experiment led by two VC firms, Frst (French seed specialist) and Fabric Ventures (crypto specialist) aimed at creating a new generation of crypto entrepreneurs in France.

Le Crypto Fellowship will be giving 10 ambitious technical people in France €100k each to live, learn and experiment for a year. No previous crypto experience is required and the only catch is that if you end up building a company we will own 7% of it and may later ask to invest an additional €700k on pre-defined terms (final ownership of 20%).

the year

The €100k ticket provides 12 months' runway: €50k salary (€71k incl. taxes), plus €29k to cover expenses (lawyers, computer, Ethereum fees…)

The idea is to spend the first 2-3 months learning and playing, without consciously looking for a “startup idea”. If this learning and playing is done with sincerity and passion you will end up living in the future and quickly notice what is still crucially missing.

Building will come naturally.

Classes on crypto

You will learn 99% by yourself from online resources: Twitter, Reddit and Stack Overflow, but we will give pointers to save you time.

Weekly Zooms

To allow everyone to share their progress or struggles, and to problem solve with Frst and Fabric Ventures.

Discord group

For knowledge sharing between cohort members. 


With legendary crypto entrepreneurs and investors.

After the first 3 months the Discord group and Meetups will keep going, while the group Zoom will turn into regular 1-1 Office Hours with Frst and Fabric Ventures partners.

the deal

The law doesn’t permit investing directly into individuals, so we will ask each fellow to create a company. It will have to be a French one, to allow us to standardise the paperwork. We could have chosen Delaware as Y Combinator does, but France is cooler.

Here is how it will work. The reason for which we are running Le Crypto Fellowship is clear and there is no ulterior motive.

First ticket

At company creation, you will receive a first ticket of €100k in exchange for 7%. It will be structured in BSA Air (French equivalent of US SAFE) "post money" and will convert at Series A. This way, the BSPCE (stock options) you will grant to cofounders and early employees won't dilute the 7% (Series A will be defined as a round supra €3m). 

Second ticket

Option for the Fellowship to add €700k within 12 months and grow to 20% total ownership(which means a €5m post money valuation for this second ticket). Still in BSA Air, for the same reasons. 


The BSA Air documentation will encompass elements of Shareholders Agreement, including the following:

  • If we can't determine that everything crypto-related you do during this period is owned by the company, the schema can't work, it consequently has to be written. Same logic applies if you decide to close the "company" and open a new crypto-related one just after

  • Until the 12-month option expiration, external financing rounds will be conditioned to Frst & Fabric approval (because it's not supposed to happen)

  • No constraints on how you spend the money and what you do

  • No constraints on how much BSPCE you emit and to whom you grant them (because it doesn't dilute us thanks to the BSA Air mechanism)


We are looking for curious doers with technical abilities

No prior Crypto knowledge is expected, but people able or learning to code will have a head start.


Technical abilities


High agency & curiosity


No "business idea" required


Based in Paris timezone


Available by September 2021

People already running a company are welcome to contact us, but not for the program.


No taste for code


Bad self-learner


Already have a product


Based on another timezone


Available part-time


First cohort started September 1st

Apply here to be on top of the list for the next cohort


Starting date TBA  

If you want to say hi hello@lecryptofellowship.com

about us

We empower daring entrepreneurs to build legendary companies

frst logo

Frst is a seed-focused fund designed to be the best possible partner for the first months of the most ambitious French entrepreneurs. We provide money, seed-stage expertise and network, and don’t lead Series A to align interests.

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Fabric Ventures backs the founders of the Open Economy. Investing in builders, businesses, and networks from inception to scaling since 2012.

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Why are you doing this program? 

We think there are considerably more good crypto ideas than good crypto founders. So we thought we would empower a new generation of entrepreneurs and help them build legendary companies. 
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Can I apply as a team? 

Yes! In this case we will invest a first ticket of €200k or €300k (for 2 or 3 people) for 7% and the option will allow us to grow to 20% by adding €600k or €500k respectively. 
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Can I apply if I’m not based in Paris ?

Yes, but you need to be in a compatible timezone. We may hold a few physical events in Paris but your presence won't be mandatory. 
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Why are you so interested in Crypto? To me it means Bitcoin and drugs

Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg. You should learn about Defi, NFTs, DAOs... A good start may be to watch this excellent video from our friends at Rekt
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I know nothing about crypto, can I apply? 

Yes! Your learning curve is way more important than what you know right now. 
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Are there requirements in terms of age or education?

No. We expect that most fellows will be just out of university, but we welcome applications from anyone.
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Will the program be held in French or English?

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Can I apply if I already have a company or product? 

The program will most likely not be a great fit for you in this case. But you are welcome to contact us for a "traditional" investment at hello@lecryptofellowship.com
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Can I apply if I am still a student and won't be available full time per se? 

It depends on how busy you are with your studies, but let's discuss!
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Can I apply if I prefer to join an existing company? 

We work with many crypto companies looking for great people. Please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@lecryptofellowship.com
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Are the terms flexible? Should I hire a lawyer to negotiate?

For efficiency reasons terms are fixed and non negotiable. We are Tier 1 investors with impeccable reputations and the only way we earn money is by making entrepreneurs earn considerably more. We will hold a group session with the people invited to join the fellowship to explain every clause and while we don’t recommend it, you may bring a lawyer and make the company reimburse you after signing. But the clauses still won’t be negotiable.
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I won't be available by September, can I still apply? 

We would love to say yes, but no. It’s happening now!
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How can I hear about the journey?

Follow us on Twitter and Medium!
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I have questions, how can I contact you?